2017 Travel Tech Trends PNG.pngDon't forget that:

The travel industry is increasingly fragmented, full of different players in a very competitive environment; this situation leads to massive restructuring at all levels, disruption of vertical value chains, and "friend-enemies" environments.
The travel industry has the following characteristics:
- It is highly fragmented;
- It is a massive and transactional industry; therefore, operating capability is a key factor;
- It is a global industry with reduced average spread margins; therefore, scalability and volume are crucial;
- It does not have important entry barriers, and although it is a partially regulated industry, it could be disrupted;
- Technology is a key factor; it is the basis of the business, the core of it.
  • Which will be the main challenges for 2017?
  • Which will be the most important players' strategies?
  • Which technologies will be more decisive, and be more likely to be financed?
  • To which tendencies at Travel Tech should we pay more attention to?
  • Which business models seem to have more probabilities of success?

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