Business models and traditional value chains are being disrupted by technology. A good digital strategy is one that is implementable and generates value for the organization. The ability to seamlessly integrate the strategy and transform the organization with calculated disruption will enable organizations to thrive and compete in this new world order.

Most organizations today have embarked on a digital path and are frantically putting together a strategy to thrive in the new digital economy. Journeys have been expedited due to increased pressure from customers, disruptive competition in the market, and evolving vendors and supply chains. The multitude of emerging technology pillars ranging from IoT, AI, cloud computing, blockchain, AR/VR etc., are making great business cases and strategies for adoption. However, creating a seamlessly implementable strategy with minimal disruption to the current state of business is proving to be a challenge.

Challenges stem from the multifaceted approach and considerations for transformation, such as realigning of business strategy, widespread use and adoption of technology, reorientation of human resources and redesigning of business processes. This transformation to a digital enterprise requires a holistic convergence of all the components - strategy, people, process, and technology - across the value chain

In order to facilitate the pervasive adoption of digital strategy as part of their overall business framework, enterprises are focusing on the business cases and unique proposition of creating an exceptional digital experience for their customers. Businesses are increasingly using digital technologies to create greater customer interaction and collaboration across all possible channels.

Avasant believes in enabling organizations to tread the digital ecosystem with a realistic and implementable strategy to ensure business value, transformation and innovation through structured disruption.

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