Democratized Egalitarianism refers to the ability of technology to further the equality of all voices. It’s a big megaphone that allows all of us to be heard, regardless of who or where we are.

Democratized Egalitarianism extends the concept of Barrier-free Access to the role people will play in government and society as we head toward Digital Singularity. Across the globe, people have more opportunity to start businesses that were not imaginable in their geographical locations before. Through the possibilities of the digital world, we can carry out every type of business and project we want. We can be anywhere in the world and have the opportunity to participate in global commerce.

The Power of Loud Voices

Today, we are beginning to see how our connectivity gives everyone a voice with the same power and resonance. People who are less privileged, in any part of the world, can directly declare their opinions and gain attention for their ideas and beliefs just as easily as those with more disposable income can. Democratized Egalitarianism breaks down the walls between individuals and leaders, CEOs and heads of state. We can tweet directly to a country’s president, or even the head of the Department of Motor Vehicles, about how we feel, and one person can start a social movement that galvanizes individuals and changes our culture and behavior.

What we have witnessed in the last few years is the magnifying power technology platforms provide to social movements. Individual voices are amplified and social movements are born via digital social platforms.

Democratized Egalitarianism’s ability, via technology, to give equality to our louder voices can create a social imperative—a need to come forward as a result of one person or a small group of people challenging business and society to act differently—to change how we speak, operate, and even sell and offer products, services and ideas. It’s the power of one to make a difference. Remember the viral “ice bucket challenge,” in which people—celebrities, CEOs, everyone—dumped cold water on their heads to raise money for, and awareness of, ALS? It brought in $115 million to fund new research. The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have radically influenced many in the global film industry, and across business verticals, to launch new policies and codes of conduct.

This new energy is more powerful than ever as a result of Barrier-free Access (limitless access to data and information) and Democratized Egalitarianism. Thanks to our access to both unlimited information and global resources, a single voice now can be boosted to start movements, drive fashion trends, and even impact elections. This social momentum must be considered by companies and organizations as we enter into the digital economy.

Businesses Need to Listen and Adapt

For all companies that provide products and services, it will be essential to align ourselves with these movements in a way that speaks to our customers. Individuals directly tell us what they like and dislike, and businesses should respond appropriately with customized products and socially responsible solutions.

Businesses need to support social movements that speak to their customers because consumers can change how products are developed and manufactured—almost instantaneously. Technology platforms can embolden anyone’s voice and have the ability to change practices based on how consumers rate and share service and products online.

The power of communication to activate and mobilize demand is truly amazing. It drives immediate demand for something, whether it is an underserved political group or a product, or information, news, and services. Technologies give all of us a voice and the ability to communicate our unique opinions and views in a manner that we never could before. To remain relevant and competitive as we near Singularity, businesses will need to not only take notice but respond and adapt to the changes cause by the power of a voice.


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