Understanding the challenges faced by organizations is crucial for forming and aligning a Digital Transformation strategy to support business objectives and enable enterprise growth. CIOs, with their oversight of technology and insight into the business, are in a unique position to drive an organization through their digital transformation journey, addressing fundamental business challenges, and reshaping how businesses operate. 

Digital Singularity, the point at which human experience and technological omnipresence converge, has changed the paradigms of global interconnectedness, business operating models and customer empowerment. Enterprises are undertaking significant transformational exercises to become digitally relevant and strengthen competitive differentiation. The transition of organizations to digital enterprises is the biggest transformational wave to hit the industry, fundamentally reshaping how businesses operate. 

Digital transformation (DX) presents an opportunity for organizations to enhance competitiveness and create a foundation for outperforming rivals. Failure to respond and embrace change will, for many industries, increase the likelihood of becoming irrelevant for the customers they have fought so hard to nurture.
To therefore stay relevant in this fast-paced business environment, companies have to reimagine themselves, and pursue transformation in an agile manner. Enterprises must leverage the digital pre-requisites to rethink every aspect of their business and align their operating model with an objective to deliver compelling and seamless customer experiences.

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