The rules of the new economy are fundamentally changing the business landscape. Barrier-free Access gives us direct access to compete in the global, digital economy and gives rise to the gig economy. Democratized Egalitarianism, the ability of technology to further the equality of all voices, breaks down the walls between individuals and CEOs, challenging businesses to act differently. The Sharing Economy involving collaborative sharing of talents, products and services, and non-traditional employment is on the rise. And Transboundary Communities provide new types of places where individuals decide how to allocate their time and talents to earn a living, work with others, compete and start new businesses.

As we move towards Digital Singularity, organizations are frantically putting together a strategy which will enable them to thrive in the new digital economy. Digital has become the new status quo, with technology leveling the playing field. Business cycles are shortening. Barriers to entry are increasingly declining, with many large, traditional organizations being disrupted by smaller, tech-savvy start-ups. The business ecosystem now operates in a ‘Switching Economy,’ with competition like never before. Executives are continuously challenged. Are their competitive differentiators, truly competitive? How do they ensure they stay ahead of the curve? How do they minimize risk of being disrupted?

To remain relevant companies must forge creativity and continuously innovate. Enterprise Disruption is the technological disruptions across business models and value chains, driven by innovation, to fundamentally transform how businesses operate and remain competitive. Innovation lies at the core of truly disruptive enterprises, with many of the world’s leading companies not just embracing innovation, but actively and aggressively institutionalizing innovation within their organizations, and constantly challenging the status quo. Amazon, Google, Apple, Uber and Netflix are just some examples of disruptive enterprises which have mobilized innovation and integrated technology to not only transform business models, but the entire consumer experience and expectations. This has set a new precedent for the way we operate and engage in the digital economy.

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