Technology today is nearly ubiquitous and still rapidly advancing. The possibilities with technology for not only our businesses, but for social good, are endless. However, organizations today are not able to purposefully harness the power of technology because they cannot break away from habitual and legacy processes. One might argue that enterprises have focused only on incremental gain to drive utility and revenue, forgoing opportunities which support those breakthrough innovations required to fundamentally transform and disrupt.

Incremental improvement is the enemy of true innovation, and businesses must be willing to dare to dream in order to transform themselves into a truly digital enterprise. By daring to dream organizations can unlock the Digital Singularity rubric and use the technologies to create a hyper-transformative opportunity to solve the socio-economic challenges faced by businesses, governments and society, and achieve Hyper-Sustainability – the degree of 10X transformation to empower humanity.

The three key tenets of Hyper-Sustainability – Individual Innovation, Enterprise Disruption and Government Transformation will enable us to foster a 10X mindset within ourselves and drive an innovative culture throughout our organizations to solve challenges and develop solutions which are necessary to thrive in the Digital Singularity era.

Open the full whitepaper for a full discussion on how Digital Singularity unlocks our potential, the roles of individual innovation, enterprise disruption, government transformation, a blueprint for socio-economic empowerment and much more.

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