How can companies reinvent their partnerships with service providers for effective collaboration and co-innovation, leading to digital transformation?

Caught between a swirling maelstrom of technological innovation, emerging digital competitors and rapid changes in customer dynamics, the enterprise landscape today is undergoing an unprecedented shift. Change is the only constant, with business value chains, operating models, and customer expectations in a state of flux. A confluence of disruptive, interrelated digital pre-requisites such as Automation, AI, Predictive Analytics, IoT, and Blockchain is presenting unique opportunities for enterprises to thrive in this digital age.

To stay relevant in this fast-paced business environment, companies big and small will have to reimagine themselves, and pursue digital transformation (DX) in an agile manner. With customer behavior and digital channels evolving rapidly, enterprises must leverage these digital pre-requisites to rethink every aspect of their business and align their operating model with an objective to deliver compelling and seamless customer experiences.

Every industry is being Uberized and innovative “scaleups” are upending the conventional business and operating models across every value chain. To stave off disruption, it is imperative for enterprises to embed a culture of being “digital native” throughout the organization. Businesses have to figure out how to harness various disruptive technologies for accelerating innovation, boosting customer centricity, personalizing services, reducing time-to-market, among other goals. What’s needed is a cohesive approach for enterprise-wide digital transformation that can engender the elasticity of “born digital” companies into traditional organizations.

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